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Tourism in Europe

Europe deserves to be synonymous with art and culture, science and enlightenment. Being a part of Eurasia mainland, it consists of 43 countries. In Europe, about eighth of the total population of our planet lives. Having excellent so-called initial data, this region is absolutely boring and cultural corner of the globe.

It is rich in religious relics, monuments of sculpture, painting, architecture, various historical and architectural monuments that have been created by people for many centuries. Tourism in Europe is very popular today, because to visit the resorts in the summer, to ski in the winter, to contemplate a large number of world-famous sights the overwhelming majority of the world's population wants. The gradual development of tourism in Europe contributed to the formation of various types of recreation.


Each person will be able to pick up the rest to your taste. Those who prefer the excursion routes, wants to supplement their luggage of knowledge with all sorts of historical facts, see a lot of memorials, buildings that have survived until now, suitable for countries such as Britain, France and Germany. Tourism to Europe for lovers of beach holidays offer such countries as Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Crete.

If there is a great desire to do spiritual food, it is best to visit Italy, Bulgaria or Greece. People who hate boredom, attend excursions, want to tear themselves away to the full, they should take a trip to Monte Carlo, soak up the Cote d'Azur, located in the south-east of France or take flight tickets to the Spanish island of Ibiza. However, when there is a desire, a person can easily find a rest in the soul and mood.


Appenin boots, covered with a lot of snow, is a fairly high mountain system, located in the western part of Europe. Magnificent peaks of the Alps can be seen in each of the below-mentioned eight countries. These include Monaco, France, Slovenia and Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein and Austria.

Tourism in Europe, where you can admire the beauty of the mountain peaks, idyllic villages, lakes of crystal clearness at the present time is very attractive for tourists. Therefore, there is nothing to be surprised at the fact that the countries in the Alps are satisfied with the maximum benefit from the geographical location.

The benefit lies in the following: in the summer, the Alps become one of the main health resorts for healing and healing, in winter these mountains attract mountain-skiing enthusiasts, therefore they occupy a leading position among the many mountain resorts. It is worth noting, despite the various types of tourism, in recent years a new option, called ecotourism, is gaining popularity. Here everyone can enjoy untouched nature, learn the cultural and ethnographic features of the region without disturbing the integrity of ecosystems.

Location, features of tourism:

The Alps divide the climate of Europe into two parts. In the south - the Mediterranean subtropical conditions, in the regions in the north and west - the mountain system has a temperate climate. According to the geographic location of the mountains are divided into the Western and Eastern Alps. Between them flows the river Rhine, which serves as the so-called separator of these two parts. The eastern mountainous terrain is not high, it has wide picturesque valleys, as well as gentle slopes.

It differs significantly from the Western mountain system, because this one has higher mountains. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in this region. The rapid development of tourism in Europe gives tourists the opportunity to see the icy European mountains. The number of glaciers in the Alps is 1200. Their total area is more than four thousand kilometers. A stable snow cover is formed very quickly already with the arrival of November, and all thanks to the glaciers.

Fans of extreme sports will no longer be bored. Many vacationers can enjoy a pleasant bonus, which is that you can visit all the skiing areas, because they are combined. This allows you to settle almost every corner of the Alps. Only it will be necessary to move from one lift to the next lift.

Tourism in Europe, in this corner, allows you to admire the beauties of the terrain in the summer. Here, good temperature conditions, low humidity, fresh and healthy air, which allows a person to recover. The positive effect on health renders the water of mineral springs, glacial lakes. Therefore, everyone who wants to fill the body with useful, tasty, curative water is recommended to rest in the Alps.

The Balkan Peninsula

The south-eastern region of Europe is the Balkans, washed by such seas: Black and Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean and Marble, Ionian. This fact can be attributed to one of the reasons for the popularity of tourism on the peninsula. 

The Balkans love us with picturesque valleys, mountains, graceful bends bent by the wind. In this region, the meadows are necessarily attended by shepherds who reproduced the music on the pipe (an old wind instrument similar to a flute), shod in bast shoes, dressed in rags (ragged clothes). The countries of the Balkan Peninsula enjoy considerable popularity in tourism. They are wholly or partly attributed to: Montenegro, Croatia and Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia. The list is supplemented by Romania and Serbia, Turkey and Greece, Slovenia, Italy.

In winter, tourists are eagerly awaiting ski resorts. Good conditions for skiing in particular offer the Bulgarian and Romanian mountains, as well as the slopes of Slovenia. Note that prices for such entertainment are acceptable. In summer, tourists can soak up the beaches, inhaling the scents of coniferous forests, admiring the low mountains, deciduous groves. In the Balkans there are thermal springs that help to improve. All countries are an excellent option for children's recreation: there are many camps, schools with foreign language training.


The Benelux community consists of countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Tourism in Europe, in this corner of it, is in demand most often for the sake of tourists' desire to visit one of the smallest countries in the world. People who come here, in most cases have specific goals.

For example, smoke grass, break away in certain areas, enjoy the beauty of tulips. These three countries have all the conditions to be in demand for their guests. Excursions around the Benelux are fascinating and informative. By the way, here you will not see a crowd of tourists, as in other European countries. In Benelux there are many castles, palaces, museums, age-old lights. Here you can see the Gothic style arched arches, spiers in the form of needles, beautiful columns.

On the territory of these states there are futuristic buildings, museums, cathedrals, churches. The three states have many items of "sovereign interest". What are only the bulbs of tulips. They are famous not only for flowers, but also for brilliant, expensive Delft porcelain, delicious famous cheese, magnificent lace, delicious beer, delicate chocolate, comfortable slippers, wooden shoes.

The Baltic States

"Seaside land" is mostly known for its pines, sands, a steady pace of life, its folk traditions. The development of tourism in Europe, in particular, in the Baltic countries, allows you to enjoy a mild climate. In the summer it is not very hot, in winter it is not too cold. Therefore, all types of tourism are in demand at any time of the year.

The Baltic states are an excellent resort where you can cheaply improve your health, because there are therapeutic muds, mineral springs, sand with white quartz sands.
You can visit historical museums, puppet town halls, see various attractions, try national cuisine. The Baltic states consist of such countries as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Also included in the composition is the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation.

In order for tourism to bring more positive emotions, you need to visit the largest water park in Europe. Those who prefer tranquility and solitude, should visit the Estonian islands. The most famous island is called Saaremaa. Estonia is rich and uninhabited islands, of which there are about a thousand. In the Kaliningrad region, tourists can stroll along the Baltic seashore, find amber splinters of ideal shapes.

Northern Europe

Scandinavia (the so-called northern part of Europe) is considered the edge of volcanoes, fjords, and Vikings. It includes countries that are washed by cold seas - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland. Tourism in Europe, more precisely in this region, is very popular, because there is something to see. Icelandic geysers, a famous volcano, fields with solidified lava, a harsh nature enveloped in ice make a huge impression. Scandinavian citizens of old age can be envied.

These people are long-livers, usually they have secured, happy old age. On the lands of Northern Europe live bellicose women and fearless strong men. Also, the countries of northern Europe are the birthplace of modern queens and kings. Fans of historical objects can get acquainted with futuristic objects, cathedrals created by modern architects, visit places of parking of primitive people, see the medieval town halls.

It is worth recalling that there is a mountain resort here. Summer in this area is not hot. Winter is cold, but, despite this, pleases with its snowdrifts. Therefore, for those who do not have enough snow, the north of Europe will be very welcome. Tourists have the opportunity to contemplate all the charm of the fjords, that is, narrow bays with clear and clear water, surrounded by rocks covered with forests.

Eastern Europe

The European eastern part includes: Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova. The division is, in principle, conditional, so often the list includes Slovakia, the Czech Republic and 6 modern Balkan republics. Tourists are recommended to visit the resorts of the Crimean Republic, impressive nature, sea, mountains, clean air. In Belarus, you can go with the goal of ecotourism, see different game, beautiful lakes, visit reserves, eat fresh berries, mushrooms, and do healing using healing mud.

Types of recreation in the east of Europe have a number of differences. For example, choosing tourism in Moldova, fans of delicious spirits can enjoy wines, champagne, cognacs. Also in Moldova, tourists are offered an acquaintance with the history and culture of the country, Roma, Jewish memorable places. If you go on vacation to Bulgaria, then, of course, it is worth choosing Golden Sands. Do not prevent healing curative mud, mineral springs. Being in the Valley of roses, it is necessary to buy a bottle of rose oil.

Tourism in Romania except for beaches, balneological resorts allows travelers to plunge into the Middle Ages. Therefore it is worth to visit the castle of the famous Count Dracula, Transylvania, ancient cities and fortified churches. Enjoy the beauty of the charming architecture of the Czech Republic at any time of the year, as well as taste delicious fried sausages, drink a mug of real beer. This country of Europe offers tourists to visit Karlovy Vary, which has become popular due to the many sources with curative mineral waters.

Western Europe

Small but "proud" states, monarchy, prosperous capitalism - all this characterizes the western part of Europe. Countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and France are constantly attracting tourists, but not everyone will be able to afford them. Here the population can boast a high standard of living. Therefore, a tourist who wants to visit not only to see all the sights, other famous objects, but also to see personally how people live, whether they take a taxi to visit a nearby store.

According to the geographical location, the west of Europe consists of tiny countries - Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, the most popular destinations for tourism in these parts - France, Germany. The list is supplemented by the United Kingdom (remote areas for which it has its own place in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean). Note that the separation of the state is largely conditional, on this occasion there are many versions, disputes.

Such tourism is more suitable for wealthy people. Here, vacationers can luxuriate on the beaches, visit many excursions, get better. In winter, ski resorts are open to tourists in France, so that travelers can enjoy the beauty of the Alps, ride on steep snow slopes. Vacationers are given the opportunity to learn languages: English, German, French.

Southern Europe

Fans of warmth, coziness, pleasure in life are recommended to rest in countries located in the south of Europe. There is a mild climate and lacquer sea, healthy and delicious cuisine, a huge selection of wines, many famous sights. The variety of beaches is impressive: there are pebbles, white sands, rocky beaches. Tourism in these parts is popular among fans of shopping. The southern part includes:

San Marino, Italy, Portugal and Andorra, the Vatican, Spain (they occupy two peninsulas - the Apennines, the Pyrenees);

Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia and Albania, Montenegro (states on the Balkan Peninsula);
Greece, Monaco (have their own access to the sea).

The summer here is hot, in winter the air temperature is up to +18 degrees Celsius.

Tourists are offered a wide range of cheeses, fish, fresh herbs, juicy tomatoes, olives. They can also eat seafood, various sweets, ripe fruits, tartlets.

Central Europe

The countries of the European center include Switzerland and Austria. Tourism in Austria, Switzerland can be associated with curative purposes. There are medical centers in which internal organs operate, they are engaged in plastic surgery, dentistry. Tourists visit these countries for entertainment at ski resorts, visits to the Vienna Opera or Philharmonic, purchases of real Swiss watches, Swarovski stones. Recently, business tourism is gaining popularity.

It is inexpensive to relax in sanatoriums located in mountainous areas with clean air, lakes, see medieval structures, drink tasty beer, health can be restored with the help of mineral waters, hydrogen sulphide sources in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. These countries of the east and west are also referred to the center of Europe.

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