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Travel to France. MONT BLANC

   Mont Blanc (4810 m) is called the roof of Europe, as it is the highest peak of the Western part of the Old world. It is on the border of Italy and France and from afar sparkling snow-white peaks. No coincidence that the name "Mont Blanc" means "white mountain". 

Travel to France. MONT BLANC

   The first conquest of Mont Blanc dates back to the XVIII century, and since then, he's especially fond of the climbers. The ascent to the summit takes five to seven days, and it can not be called easy: on top of the mountain is covered with glaciers and old snow.

Travel to France. MONT BLANC

   Mountain range, which includes Mont Blanc, was formed about 40 million years ago the collision of two huge tectonic plates. Such ancient education attracts not only climbers, but also historians, who not so long ago have discovered the mummified remains of a distant human ancestor that were hidden in ice and snow more than 5000 years. 

Travel to France. MONT BLANC

    No less popular Mont Blanc among Alpine skiers and snowboarders. On the French side of the mountains built ski resort of Chamonix, and the Italian — Kamajor. Another attraction of these places is a road tunnel under Mont Blanc with a length of almost 12 km, which was built in 1965.

To Chamonix is the easiest way to get from the Swiss Geneva. 
The bus from Geneva airport to Chamonix — 35 €, 1.5-2 hours.

Accommodation in Chamonix:
Hostel - from 15 €,
Single - 25 €,
Double - 35 €.





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