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Travel to France. PONT D'ARC

   Pont d'arc is one of the most famous natural bridges in the world. Located in the South-East of France on the river ardèche 4 km from the town of Vallon-Pont-d'arc. Impressive he is not only beauty, but also the dimensions: height of 45 m and a width of about 60 m. the Bridge has become one of the symbols of the country — it is frequently found on postcards and in tourist guides.

Travel to France. PONT D'ARC

   Once in these places there flowed an underground river, which, destroying rocks, formed underground grottoes and caves.

Travel to France. PONT D'ARC

    Over time, they eroded and broke down, forming gaps and holes. However, the dome is one of the caves was especially durable and able to withstand the action of water, wind and extremes of temperature, turning from time to Pont d'arc. Later on the bed of an underground river flowed water modern Ardeche, a shore combined a beautiful natural bridge.

Travel to France. PONT D'ARC

   Nearby is a sandy beach where you can swim and take pictures on the background of the bridge. Will be remembered, and horseback riding along the banks of the river. And do not deny yourself the pleasure to sail on a boat or a canoe under the bridge — an unforgettable experience guaranteed.

Train from Paris to Avignon is 60 €, 2.5 hours; 
then drive in a rental car (100 € per day) to Vallon-Pont - d'arc — 80 km, 1.5 hours.

Accommodation in Avignon: 

Hostel - 15 €,
Single - 30 €,

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