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Travel to Italy. LAKE AVERNUS

   Avernus — one of the names of the underworld in the European tradition. Who came up with the idea to call a beautiful lake in the Italian province of Campagne? In fact, on the contrary, the Kingdom the dead was named after the lake. Translation of "averno" means "without birds", and according to legend, in ancient times, any of the birds flying over the lake, dropped dead. 

Travel to Italy. LAKE AVERNUS

   The birds live peacefully here, however, to this day, scientists have debated whether this story has a real basis.
   Perhaps the answer is connected with the origin of the pond is the flooded crater of an extinct volcano with a diameter of 2 km and a depth of 60 m.

Travel to Italy. LAKE AVERNUS

   Probably, the active evaporation from the depths of a few thousand years ago were a threat to birds, while for men was not a threat.

Travel to Italy. LAKE AVERNUS

   The ancient Romans built on its shores luxury villas and broke vineyards, and they did not care what steps away from them, according to legend, are the gateway to the Kingdom of Pluto.

Train from Rome to Naples — from 15 
then a bus to Pozzuoli — up to 5 , 30 min. 
Next to the lake on foot.
Accommodation in Pozzuoli: camping is 10 .

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