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Travel to France. VERDON GORGE

   Many millions of years ago the territory of modern France overlooking the sea, and at its bottom was formed of limestone deposits from the remains of animals. Later the African tectonic plate pushed European, former seabed rose up and became mountains. 

Travel to France. VERDON GORGE.

   Malleable limestone, were broken and crumbled under the action of wind and water, which led to the formation of one of the most beautiful canyons in the world — Verdon, located in the French province of Provence. Its length is about 25 km, and the depth in some places reaches 700 m.

Travel to France. VERDON GORGE.

    At the bottom flows a swift river Verdon, called for piercing the turquoise color of the water. She originates in the Alps and is fed by melting glaciers. The emerald river is surrounded by steep, sometimes even vertical rocks — amazing scenery.

Travel to France. VERDON GORGE.

   The gorges du Verdon is a Paradise for lovers of rock climbing: it attracts fans of this sport from all over the world. At the bottom of the cliffs and there are several Hiking and Biking trails; walking through it, you can enjoy the magnificent view. The least popular boating and fishing. Another way to see the Verdon gorge ride by car via the road on its very edge. Along the way travelers overlook the enchanting views and the most beautiful places marked with recommended stops.

Airplane/train from Paris to Marseille — from 100 € on both sides/80 €, 3 h; 
then the bus to Castellane is about 20 €, 3,5 hours.

Accommodation in commune Castellane: 
Camping - 15 €,
Double - 45 €.



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