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Travel to Italy. AEOLIAN ISLANDS

   The seven beautiful Islands of the Aeolian archipelago, which is located between the volcanoes Etna and Vesuvius, part of a huge 200-kilometer-long volcanic ridge. For example, can be traced to the unique processes of formation and destruction of Islands by volcanic activity. 

 Travel to Italy. AEOLIAN ISLANDS

   Another study from the XVIII century, they add to knowledge scientists about modern volcanic processes. Scientific observations on this natural geological ground was allowed to open two types of eruptions, vulcanian and strombolian.

 Travel to Italy. AEOLIAN ISLANDS

 Travel to Italy. AEOLIAN ISLANDS

The Aeolian Islands can be reached by plane from Rome to Palermo — from 40 € one way; 
then the hydrofoil to the island of Lipari, 40 €, 4 h.

Or train from Rome to Naples — to 10 €, 2.5 h; 
and then the hydrofoil to Lipari island 90 €, 5.5 hours.

Stay Lipari - 10-40 €.

Train from Rome to Naples — from 15 €; 
then ferry to Cagliari — 45 €, 16 hours Shuttle bus to the beach — up to 5 €, 30 min.

Accommodation in Cagliari:
Single - 35 €,
Double - 65 €;

on the beach:
Camping - 10 €,
Single - 35 €,
Double - 70 €.

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