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Travel to Italy. ALCANTARA GORGE

   "Miraculous Baroque" — the so-called gorge of Alcantara tourists visited here.
   Indeed, the intricate patterns on basalt overhanging the river rocks look very impressive. The "author" of the arts — crater Mojo, which two thousand years ago erupted a powerful stream of lava. She has formed a gorge.

Travel to Italy. ALCANTARA GORGE

    Later the waters of the river Alcantara has cut out itself moves in basaltic rocks forming the gorge.

Travel to Italy. ALCANTARA GORGE

    The best time to visit — summer.
   A local river, unlike all others in Sicily, in the hot season not dry, but only shallow, making movement through the valley more comfortable. Although for those who are afraid of wet feet, at the entrance to the Park there is a rental of rubber boots. Surprisingly, the waters of the river stay cool even in the intense heat, but that's not stopping eager freshness to the tourists and they love to bathe.

Travel to Italy. ALCANTARA GORGE

    In addition to the patterns of basalt gorge known variety of flora and several picturesque waterfalls. In order to better examine the terrain you have to climb a specially equipped observation deck. It is open from 07:00 to 19:00 and equipped with Elevator.

The plane from Rome to Palermo — from 40 € one way; 
then the bus to Taormina with stopover in Messina is about 20 €, 3 hours 
From the city Taormina 
to the gorge there is a bus — about 5 € in both directions, 1 hours.

Accommodation in Taormina:
Hostel - 15 €,
Single - 35 €,
Double - 45 €.

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