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Travel to Italy. RIVER TIMAVO

    To see the river-wanderer Timavo from source to mouth, have to visit three countries. Some of the streams that form it, are in Croatia. But the "official" beginning of the river in Slovenia, on the slopes of the Snow mountains. 

Travel to Italy. RIVER TIMAVO

    Here it is known under the simple name the River. Making the journey of several kilometers and forming a waterfall, she hides in the grotto of St Kanzian and crosses the Slovenian—Italian border and under the earth — of the 51 km of its journey 38 km it has done in the grotto, being one of the longest underground rivers in Europe.

Travel to Italy. RIVER TIMAVO

    Next exit — in the Italian province of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, where the traveler gets the name Timavo. It is bottled at 60 m wide and slowly carries its waters into the Gulf of Trieste of the Adriatic sea, which flows into just 2 km from the Magical appearance of a river from the ground was impressive even the ancient Romans, who revered this place as a cult. 

Travel to Italy. RIVER TIMAVO

    In the IV century Italian source Timavo was even built the chapel of San Giovanni, preserved to our days.

Train from Milan to Udine with a stopover in Venice — from 35 €, 5 h; 
then bus to Monfalcone, — to 5 € , 1 hour.

Accommodation in Monfalcone:
Single - 55 €,
Double - 100 €.

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